IGA Today / CanTV Program

IGA hosts our own TV series addressing the latest news the in trans community and interview important figures in the Chicago LGBT community. The show is a live call-in show so we also field calls from our audience at home, answering their questions and fielding their comments.

The show airs on the third Friday of every month on cable channel 21 in Chicago, or www.cantv.org/live.
Check out the calendar for an updated list.

If you or someone you know would like to appear as a guest on the air, please "contact us. Past guests include political activists, community organizers, and leaders in the LGBT community.

The show is a collaboration with the Chicago CanTV network and the LGBT consortium.

2010-2011 editions of IGA Today episodes are available on our video webpage
IGA Today videos <-- use this link or the Flash interface below
along with many interviews conducted at the 2010 Be-All convention