IGA dissolved around February 2013
Illinois Gender Advocates existed to bring equality and prosperity to the transgender people and our allies in Illinois through public education, networking, and government petition.

CanTV Episode July 2007

March 2009 Minutes

Birth Certificate Legislation

Joanie talked us through her meeting with Equality Illinois about
the birth certificate. EQIL would rather put in a broader bill that
would allow birth certificate change for anyone who has a medical
procedure producing irreversible effects. Joanie and others believed the broader bill would be less likely to pass, leaving the trans community with no benefit; others disagreed thinking it has an equal likelihood for passing as the original bill. IGA agreed we would back the broader bill.

The broad bill has sponsorship in the Senate and will be introduced there. The next step for IGA is to "raise hell" by creating public support. Johannah will set up a time to work together on this.

TV Advertisement

Cyndi brought up an idea to create flyers (e.g. 3x5 cards) that advertise the TV show. We can pass them out to allies such as bars, Center on Halsted, Boys Town businesses, and especially people at the Pride Parade. A motion was created and passed that IGA would do this. We agreed that each person would bring in a prototype by the next meeting.

Suicide Walk

Cyndi brought info about Out of the Darkness (outofthedarkness.org/), a walk that raises money for suicide prevention. She thought this would be good for IGA because of the extraordinarily high rate of suicide in the trans community and as a way to create one-on-one connections with donors and other walkers.

There was considerable debate about IGA's participation in this event for a variety of reasons. 1) IGA has few funds and if we raise money, we should raise money for IGA, not another organization. 2) The walk might be a distraction of IGA's focus which should be putting all our weight behind the birth certification legislation. 3) The walk takes place from dusk until dawn, ending the same day as the Pride Parade and few people could participate in both.

Several proposed that for those people (about 4) who wanted to participate in the Walk could do so without requiring every IGA member to join. A motion with that intent was passed. Cyndi will take the next step, including trying to bring leadership from the Walk to an IGA meeting.

CanTV Episode January 2007

Shelly interviews Casey from Howard Brown Health Center. 

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