7 Things to Know About Feminism


A basic explanation of feminism is the right and equality of women with men. This definition could also include transgender people being equal and having the same rights with men and women. Females want all people to be treated the same regardless of their gender. Many people view this sociopolitical belief in a negative light while others see it as a great thing. Also, there are many misconceptions about this movement that should not be connected with this social belief. Here are 7 things to know about feminism and what it truly means to be a feminist.


  1. Feminists are not Against Men or Men Haters


Feminists do not hate men and they are not out to harm them. Feminists strive to help make the life of women better. They want to ensure that women have the same right to pay, power and privilege based off of merit and position and not gender. They also want to be intellectually equal to men as well. Women do not want to be viewed as inferior just because of long held traditions and beliefs about male superiority. They want the same thing as men without giving up or compromising who they are as females.


  1. Most Feminists do not Claim Superiority to Men


Real feminists are not out to be superior to men. Instead they just want to be treated equally. While most feminists just want equality and rights with men, there are some feminists that want to be greater than their male counterparts. However, these individuals are on the fringe of the feminist movement. Once again, most female feminists are not trying to take over men but are trying to walk side-by-side with them.


  1. All Feminists are Lesbian Individuals


This is a very dangerous perspective to have about feminists. The truth is that most feminists are not lesbians. It is also wrong to assume that all lesbian women are feminists. You might realize this but there are lesbian females who enjoy their current status as women. In other words, they don’t mind not being equal to men. It does not stop them from living their lifestyle or living their existence as women. It is very foolish to assume that all feminists are lesbians when this is not true.


  1. Feminists do like Men


Most feminists like men. Once again, the issue is not that they want to replace or usurp men; it is just that they want equality. People who say that feminists don’t like are not being realistic. There are plenty of feminist women who are married and truly love their spouses. There are plenty of feminist women that enjoy being chased by men and adored by them as well. In short, most feminists don’t hate men.


  1. Feminists want to Control Politics


There is some truth to this statement but it is not 100% factual. As a political group, feminist have a lot of power. They also exercise this power when it comes to voting and pushing policies. However, feminists are not necessarily out gain political power to rule the nation or to control the world. Once again, there will always be females within this organization who will push for this but the vast majority of feminists do not. Feminist do enjoy political power and advantage but they do not want to dominate the world to fulfill their feminist agenda.


  1. Men are not Strange because they Support the Feminist Agenda


There are plenty of male celebrities, sports stars, politicians and everyday guys who support women and the feminist movement. These men realize that it does not take away anything from their masculinity or their status for women to be their equals. These men might not be the norm but they certainly do help feminists to achieve their goal. Feminist men also prove that not all feminists are the negative things that some people make them out to be.


  1. The Feminist Movement Still Continues its Struggle


The harsh reality of the feminist movement is that women have actually won the equality they desired. However, many females are not too clear or comfortable with what they have gained. For example, in many states women can legally walk around topless; but how many women feel free enough to do this? Also, females do make just as much money as men (or more) in many positions – but has this type of equality really helped them to be freer within the workplace and in society? The struggle for femininity still continues and it will definitely take some more time before the culture truly accepts women on equal footing with men from a practical standpoint.